The Kakery

Holiday Menu

  Holiday Menu 2017


In Addition to our beautiful Holiday decorated Cakes and Cupcakes,

We Also Offer:


Cream Pies !      $12.00

Our delicious cream pies are once again available for the holiday season.

Choose from these popular favorites:

Chocolate cream, Banana Cream, Chocolate Banana Cream, Lemon Cream,

Boston Cream and The Kakery's own Grasshopper Pie.



Dessert Trays: 


Our Dessert Trays will be a big hit with your guests! A delicious assortment

of mini pastries including:  Mini eclairs, Mini cannolies, Brownie bites, Carrot Cake bites,,

Cheesecake bites, Mini tarts, Creme puffs etc. and NEW: Cake Balls!

All individually and beautifully decorated for the holiday.

Small Tray : $31.00            Large Tray : $54.00